The brainchild of the elusive and enigmatic Satoshi Nakamiota, where degens unite on the wild frontier of the IOTA EVM network. Dive into the madness and embrace the chaos of meme finance like never before.

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Biotacoin isn't your average meme coin — it's the embodiment of the collective spirit of Satoshi Nakamiota's disciples, a community-driven endeavor to disrupt, meme, and hodl our way to financial glory.

Fueled by pure degeneracy and powered by the cutting-edge IOTA EVM network, $BiTC is the ultimate playground for risk-takers and meme enthusiasts alike. Join us, the degenerate pioneers of the IOTA EVM network, in our quest to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of decentralized finance.

How to buy



  • Bridge IOTA from L1 to L2
  • Swap IOTA to $BiTC on MagicSea DEX

Other EVM networks

  • Bridge funds in via Stargate
  • Make sure to have some IOTA to cover gas costs
  • Swap funds to $BiTC on MagicSea DEX


Total supply: 21,000,000 $BiTC
  • 5% Initial Liquidity
  • 15% Growth
  • 30% Meme Bonds
  • 50% NFT Staking


Anarchy & Launch: Kickstart the chaos with the birth of $BiTC community on the IOTA EVM
Degen Gathering: Rally the troops and grow our community through memes, NFTs, and degenerate behavior.
Meme Economy 2.0: Meme bonds, NFT staking, DEX & CEX listings.
Collab & Conquer: Forge unholy alliances with other degenerate projects to expand our reach and influence.
Degen Governance: Empower the community to steer the ship through decentralized governance mechanisms.
Moon Mission: Strap in for the ride of a lifetime as we, the community of $BiTC degens, launch to the moon and beyond.


$BiTC is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.